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Strategic Leadership e-Training



Personalized design

  • Choose number of sessions of e-training, e-coaching, key subjects of interests, skills you wish to develop and fields of application.

Self-Assessment Sessions  ( Try it now! )

  • Find out your strategic leadership ability rank.


  • Advance your strategic leadership skills, along daily life, family and business challenges, with the support of a e-coach.

e-Training Modules ( Try a Monthly fee! )

  • Review and discuss key topics of study, case study, inspiration, knowledge, guidelines, workbooks, books, videos, information, personal and spiritual development topics.



The core knowledge (Primordial Technology Applied to Leadership – Prime Tech has been developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 1987 -2016)  is the foundation for the e-training.

In particular Leadership in the fields of Business, Culture, Corporate & Governance (Prime Tech Theta),  Peace, Culture & Life Care: (Prime Peace),  Personal & Spiritual Development (Prime Yoga), Love Relationships, Family (Prime Love), Wealth, Property & Heritage ( Wealthability ).


  • Online self-assessment. Evaluation of customer strategic leadership skills, abilities, status, in relation to our standard Matrix 9+, Codex and Rank.
  • Design of a personalized e-learning program which includes all services described above.
  • The e-Training develops with focus on a field of application that suits the customer needs and interests. e-Modules of training are combined with e-coaching and e-self-assessment, e-game missions, e-books and GYM9s trainings.


Every season new e-documents are published, and added to the e-forum, and e-learning programs. The subscription gives to the customer the right to have access to the e-documents*

The membership, is a flate rate, monthly/seasonal fee, paid for a basic set of services. (ask us for more details)


Civilization 9+


Civilization 9+  ( )

0. Fuel from  death plants, oil, coil

1. Planetary civilization in space, control power of a planet

2.Control stars, play with stars, they are immortal, nothing known to science can destroy it, not even the death of their sun, they can move their planet, reignite their star, find a new planet in space. (Planets federation) Control power of a star

3.  Galactic. Control the planck energy, gateways, portals, multiversum.  Control power of a galaxy

4.  Qontinum, The Q. Control power of the Qontinum

5.  Demigods, control de powers of the (5 down to 0) downline civilizations.

6.  Innerversum. Control the power of the innerversum.

7. Gods Control the power of the divine verse.

8.The Gods and the goddesses in prime self union. Expressions of the prime source of all that is have been and will be within their own hearts.

9. The Prime Versum

9+. Prime Self Union

REF: the 9 stages of development:

REF: The 9 Stages of love

REF: Odin Theta Academy