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NLP crew on action… tears falling… just a little bit they did not mention, the fruits are like the seeds… america became what it was defined to become by the principles that built it… it was not just an accident, but even an intentional designed process… a demigods land…

One day you will try to solve your problems beyond neuro linguistic brain programming and see what you have become by doing so, generation after generation… control-freaks…

I would like you to read this site and identify your issues

and work on the solutions, or call me for me to give you a hint, the first option will cost you alot of efforts, honesty and work, heart, divine bliss… the second option, to call me for help, will cost you alot of efforts honesty, work heart, divine bliss and MONEY! your choice..

I have 9 Million people world wide waiting for me to support them, so be kind, and do not think only about your own, send the best crew you have to learn with me and pay the fees. I think it is what every country in the world should right now do…


Heroes of our time, world leaders, be blessed, with wisdom, love and courage!

Heroes of our time, world leaders, be blessed, with wisdom, love and courage!

Following up EURPEAN UNION last year, it is quite important to notice the condition of the dynamic in BRICS and other EURASIAN and World net-International collaboration

Which is the work nations and governments representative do have? what do they need to focus on every day, week, month? Now if we look at what takes place in the world? Nowadays, how their participation is consistent to their journey, words and aims…

can you imagine the kind of presence necessary for the world leaders, for them to lead he countries and international affairs as they do, they are unique beings, with unique qualities all of them, in each country. deserve much appreciation and respect, as for they really apply most valuable qualities, their consciousness, heart, according to the best they know and have learned, their own spiritual wisdom expressed in their daily life. True heroes of our time.

Imagine what you need to do daily monthly to care for yourself alone, now care for your family? how many times you step back when inviated to care for your community. or city? network? culture,, nation? history?

imagine to care for a corporation, or a government?

it isnt a simple job that every one could do… according to each location or country, complexities may arrise regarding numbers of citizens, dimensions of the land, languages, cultures.

think about Russia, India, China. European union

All mayor countries in Eurasia… will give you an idea of all aspects of life, principles, that need to be harmonized for a leadership work to be done, in harmony with life, care for family, culture and heritage

which stage you are in culture awareness ?

Which kind of civilization they are fighting for, to reach, for human species survival and civilization upgrade?

Which development stages they intent to reach in own personal (spiritual) development ?

Which stage of love they are practicing ?

 I think, if each of the world leaders have to keep these few charts in their hearts, and i am sure there is alot more for their own self assessment they observe, i can imagine they are in a continuous journey, into becoming a true hero within them selves, their own private lifes and for their countries

if the world would be self organized based on consciousness, instead of nationalities, and consciousness clusters would create their own civilizations, more advanced civilizations examples, emerging cultures, would be visible.

if every one would learn in the school on the principles and laws of nature associated to management, culture, consciousness, would understand better the path to become a national or global leader, and also become able to care at their own daily life for collaboration with global issues

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