Prime Tech & Prime Culture Applied for Peace

What are Prime Technology and Prime Culture? and how to apply them for Peace ?

LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken entrepreneur, researcher on ancient technology, based on human heart based consciousness, prime self union, nature laws and principles applied for peace, family, culture, life care and heritage, is also the founder and main director of the Prime Peace Campaigns and Volunteer Training Program.

At this page you will find a brief review and urls on Prime Tech and Prime Culture.


Is the technology developed by the primordial culture, the culture of the primes, the culture origin and source of all cultures. A heart based consciousness in prime self union, union with the source of all that is have been and will be.

The Technology utilized by the Prime Culture integrates human capacity, awareness, consciousness, heart, union with prime source, as the foundation field for development and use of the technology.

Prime Culture Traces

The registered origin of the Prime Culture will be found in our time at the enclaves of the Taxus Bacciata, the tree of life, of Nordic Cultures ( Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland). The enclaves with trace-able records would be found in Asia, North Africa, Greece, Germanic countries, Canada, Japan, and other locations.

Prime Tech Applied for Peace

One of the Prime Teach & Prime Culture applications for peace is that of the e-learning Program “wealth-ability” which is dedicated to enhance, harmonise, make positive the relationship with the earth element, wealth, property, money, for the care of peace, family, culture, life and heritage. It is an example on how Prime Tech is applied for peace. (for more applications of prime the and prime culture for peace, prime peace campaigns, please visit our home page) ( Ref. The 9+ Fields of Peace)

The Prime Rank

The Prime Rank describes through a  list of charts, milestones, stages of development possible to be reached, as for capacity and level of application and technology transfer, responsibility roles and on the use of Prime Technology.

The Prime Language

Is a multiple meta level of language, encoded by nature and human heart based consciousness in prime self union, where to find all possible meanings of words, terms utilized by prime technology.

Prime Technology and Prime Culture utilized  the prime language as an encryption tool for its core knowledge.

Prime Archeology

It has been the main field of inspiration and the process of research have given to LUIS much positive feedback on being at the right track for research and development of this technology, as well inspiration for the reactivation of locations and sites dedicated world wide to the Prime Culture.


Here a brief presentation, on how the prime language, images based, is used, for the introduction of Prime Technology.

Prime Technology Applications

Are in many fields possible, always where human factor is present or could be made present.

See list of peace campaigns at the home page of this site.

The main aim of all the applications is to care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage.

Applications developed, utilized, tested by LUIS will be found for:

  • Business Development, strategy, planning
  • Business Organization
  • Personal Development
  • Arts
  • Peace
  • Culture Management
  • Governance
  • Science and Technology
  • Nature care
  • Heritage
  • Family house
  • Spiritual development
  • Wealth, Property and money
  • Family, love relationships, conscious sexuality and conception
  • Land, off the grid living
  • Travel, global citizenship
  • Travel, adventure & leisure
  • Gamification, of education
  • Education
  • Prime Yoga, meditation and martial arts

Prime Peace Volunteer Training Program

Is based on the Prime Tech Boot Camp Method and Learning Programs and developed online, with learning by doing, by playing, by applying methodology.



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