The Prime Peace

The Prime Peace is suggested by LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken as the solution for human species survival, evolution, through care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage from the point of view of the prime culture and by the application of prime technology and the principles that governs it.

Human rights, ethics, equality, gender, quality of living, sustainable development, global citizenship, multicultural integration, are some of the field we would like to work on.

Prime Technology and Prime Culture know how are the knowledge used for the development of the prime peace campaigns and projects.

As well the knowledge of the importance of the earth element for peace, and its relationship with family, community, culture happiness, life sustainability, government, security policy, wealth, property, money and relationship with neighbors, travelers or immigrants.

The Prime Peace is being implemented through several projects and campaigns dedicated to  peace work that have been developed privately by LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken since 1987.

  • The art of war and the art of peace Project: Awareness rising on the war code human kind carry and how to transform it into a conscious heart based peace. Shifting the war code, power based society into a love, consciousness based culture. ( See projects developed already at the Facebook Page)
  • The Asgard Project. Calling back the nature based culture values and spiritual insight of ancient, tribal and mythical cultures of Nordic Countries that influenced the development of Eurasia.
  • All you need is love: Conscious heart based love relationships, sexuality, family and conception of children. Personal development, and empowerment for love relationships and family. Equality, gender. Love.
  • Prime arts for peace: Culture and performing arts production, based on non violence and conscious meditative arts.,info
  • Community : How to build a community collaboration, personal development skills through multidisciplinary projects dedicated to empower location?  The KAP Project
  • Prime Family: How to rise collaboration and development within own family tree with peace values?
  • Prime Do: Martial arts for peace, a new transformational martial arts capable to transform agresion and violence into peace and harmony. A complete personal development training for peace keepers.
  • Prime Yoga: Yoga and meditation for peace.
  • Prime Humanic: How science, technology, IT, AI, development can be empowered in order to care for peace?
  • The Prime Corporation:  Which is the necessary foundation for a corporation that cares for peace, family, culture, life and heritage? How to build a corporation which honor life with its legacy?
  • Make peace with wealth. A new perception on wealth and money that will empower our global culture.
  • Human rights


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