Volunteers e-learning Program

The e-learning program includes a e-forum and the following Learning HALLS

JOIN HEREĀ https://www.trainengage.com/Home/Course/3089

  • Prime Peace 101 – The Foundation (Enquire)
  • Training and Ranking 101 (Skills, know how necessary for a Prime Peace Volunteer)
  • The Prime Peace Fields of Work 101 (A first deep overview to Prime Peace Projects)
  • The Prime Peace Volunteer 101 (Responsibilities and roles)
  • The Prime Peace Activist 101 (Duties and Codex)
  • The Prime Peace Trainer 101 (Duties, Codex, Responsibilities, Roles, Rank)
  • The Prime Peace Traveler 101 (Duties, Codex, Responsibilities, Roles, Rank)
  • The First Mission (Gamification of Prime Peace)
  • Prime Peace Boot Camp (Volunteers, Activists, Trainer, Traveler)
  • Rank – Assessment
  • Training for roles, responsibilities and missions
  • Projects plan and strategy (REF. The Asgard Project, Prime Culture & Prime Peace)
  • Governance of a Land with a Heart Based Consciousness Social and Cultural self-organisation 101 (Prime Land 9)
  • Teams and projects collaboration 101 (collaboration and communication tools)
  • The Prime Peace Assembly Online 101 (function, participation)

– See more at: https://www.trainengage.com/Home/Course/3089#sthash.v1oQm3NB.dpuf

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